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Terracotta? More Like Terra-NOT-a 

We’re over it. Why?

Well we’ve made a new friend and they’re the new pots on the block. Ever seen a self-watering origami planter pot?

Leaflet users will receive personalized suggestions when their plants are root bound or in need a new pot. Our partner, POTR, provides busy plant-lovers with hassle free, self-watering plant care using POTR Pots that ship like paper. 

A modern home for thriving plants!

POTR designs and manufactures a range of flat-pack, origami, self-watering plant pots, made using recycled materials. That’s right, recycled material. Cool, right?

POTR Pots have been thoughtfully made from the ground up with sustainability and user ease as the core requirements. Their environmental impact is minimized using reduced material, reused material, and increased transportation efficiency, all of which align to UN Goal 12.

The flat-pack design drastically cuts the carbon footprint associated with transport due to the reduction in volume, weight, and the elimination of single-use protective packaging. Cutting down on wasteful delivery practices while increasing customer satisfaction.

The UK-manufactured origami structure permits a 90% reduction in material usage compared with a traditional plant pot. The material used for this component is 0.7mm thick recycled polypropylene sourced from post-consumer waste and recycled ocean plastic. After completing the simple setup, the in-built wicking system allows your plant to self-regulate its water intake for up to 3 weeks. 

Based on POTR’s life cycle analysis, the carbon footprint stands at an average of 0.09 CO2e per POTR Pot, compared to an average of 3.85 CO2e for a concrete pot made in China & transported to the UK.

POTR aims to become a company that reduces carbon emissions (not just settling for carbon-neutrality), and has set the goal to meet B-CORP standards and become accredited by the organization within the next year.

As part of the latest POTR range (pots made from recycled fishing nets), 5% of profits are donated to the charity Ghost Diving UK. This enables volunteer divers to extract harmful plastics from the ocean. The POTR team intends to always have at least one product in their range which a proportion of the profits generated are donated to charity.

Pot Tip

POTR was founded by Andrew Flynn and Martin Keane, product design engineers with a passion for holistic sustainable design and horticulture. Their team also includes Eilidh Cunningham and Alex Cochrane. 

Andrew is a quintessential contributor to POTR’s success being the product designer, engineer and inventor. After studying at the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow, Andrew worked for 7 years as Lead Product Designer for Dyson, where he frequently worked directly with James Dyson to shape the design strategy of the company. Prior to Dyson, Andrew worked in Munich as a designer within the transport and aviation industry. He has a passion for rethinking everyday products and experiences, and has several patents to his name. Andrew leads the design of POTR Products, new client relations and the company strategy.

Co-founder Martin Keane is a digital innovation engineer who lives and breathes genius (data science). Having also studied product design engineering at GSA, Andrew and Martin have studied and worked together for many years. Martin is fascinated by systems engineering and data - these skills have been used to study consumer trends as well as manufacturing efficiency for POTR.

Eilidh Cunningham is Head of Commercial for POTR. She comes from a strong marketing and commercial background, having worked for Next and Dyson as senior marketing manager. She has a passion for storytelling and has a proven track record of bringing several high value consumer products to market. With an acute awareness of user needs and a data driven workflow, Eilidh has been at the center of POTR’s go to market strategy.

Alex Cochrane is an aerospace engineer who studied at the University of Glasgow, and is POTR’s materials expert. He has worked in advanced manufacturing since graduating in 2014, working at the Advanced Forming Research Centre and National Composites Centre. He has a substantial background in advanced composites, having studied for a doctorate in engineering at the University of Bristol.

Here at Krado we’re so happy to be working with such innovative minds and awesome people! We can’t wait to share POTR with our community of plant-loving fools.

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