The Best Low Light Houseplants to Liven Up Dark Spaces

Spaces that don’t get much sunlight still need some sprucing up, and what better way to do so than with houseplants?

Unfortunately, not every plant can survive low light conditions.

Read on for some low light houseplant recommendations that will add vibrancy to any room.

Can Plants Grow in a Dark Room?

Plants need light for photosynthesis, so every plant needs at least some light to survive. While no plant can grow in a pitch-black room, many prefer low light conditions and even thrive in near-darkness.

Can You Have Plants in a Room Without Windows?

Yes, some plants can survive—and even thrive—in windowless rooms. Just provide them with enough artificial light and they’re happy.

For example, the ZZ plant thrives in windowless offices with bright, artificial lighting, while ferns prefer the humidity of a poorly-lit bathroom.

What Houseplant Needs the Least Amount of Light?

Sansevieria trifasciata, better known by the common name of snake plant, is a go-to unkillable low light houseplant. While this plant won’t thrive in near-darkness, it will live to see another day, even if you keep it in a poorly-lit room for months.

What Houseplants Don’t Need Sunlight?

There’s an abundance of low light indoor plants that do well with little sunlight. You can go with a beautiful, tree-like Pachira aquatica, a fragrant orchid, a trailing Hedera helix, or any of the following 22 low light indoor plant options:

Large Low Light Indoor Plants

Ficus trees are the most widely-known large low light plants. However, Pachira aquatica is also a great option, as it can grow to be quite large and lush.

Weeping Fig

The weeping fig is a ficus evergreen tree that prefers bright, indirect light but can survive in low light conditions. This common houseplant can grow up to 6 feet indoors. Its slim trunk and glossy leaves (which can be dark green or variegated) look quite elegant, making it a perfect plant for living rooms and office spaces.



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